Fast-growing companies deserve quick, flexible and bespoke debt products.

Great Kapital Listed on BSE

Great Kapital, a Bengaluru based FinTech start-up, has recently securitised a pool of invoices worth INR 78 Crores, by way of Pass-Through Certificates (PTCs). ICRA has given the highest possible short-term rating of A1+ for the pool of invoices.

This first-of-its-kind transaction will enable companies access to one of the cheapest sources of financing through capital markets. Financing against corporate payables was only open to banks and NBFCs through bill discounting. ‘Invoice-backed securitisation’ will now allow institutional investors, corporate treasuries, and HNIs to invest in payables belonging to well-rated and listed large corporates. These unique structured financing products will revolutionise supply chain financing in India while providing the necessary impetus to millions of cash-strapped MSMEs along the value chain.

Ivy League at RK Group

They say 'The Apple doesn't fall far from the Tree'. Our team boasts of highly experienced staff besides five Ivy League Graduates. The RK Group is extremely proud to welcome another Ivy league member to this elite set. Kushal Jayakumar has won a full, undergrad, scholarship to Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. Kushal is the son of Jayakumar and Hema. Jayakumar has been with us for 3 decades and his better half Hema also used to work for the RK Group.

It is all about lighting the first lamp, which our founder pioneered by being the first Ivy League Alumni at RK Group. Today the next generation and extended family are spreading the light by burning more lamps.

RK Group hosts a session on ONDC by Sujit Nair

At RK Group we strive to be ahead of the curve. The top management across the group companies got a golden opportunity to get familiar with the new kid on the block - ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce). After UPI this is the next big revolutionary idea which is not only going to take India but the rest of the world by storm. Still in its infancy ONDC is a network which will bring the entire ocean of sellers to the buyers, creating unimaginable changes in the way we know online shopping today. To introduce this sterling concept we had the privilege of having Sujit Nair, CEO & Founder of BECKN Foundation. BECKN Foundation is a pioneer in being the first to sow the seeds of ONDC. Thank you Sujit for this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to our first pilot together.

Go Jafreen! Go!

A super proud moment for us at RK Trust to see Jafreen Shaikh felicitated by none other than PM Modi. Jafreen was part of the contingent which produced its best-ever performance at the Deaflympics 2021, held in Brazil, this May. The athletes were hosted by Modiji on May 21, 2022, at his official residence and given a hero's welcome.

At RK Trust we're always on the look out for talent coupled with passion.... 99% perspiration. This is what motivated us to sponsor Jafreen when we met her at the Center For Sports Excellence (CSE, Bangalore). Wishing you many more victories Jafreen.