Welcome! RK Group is a privately held trading and distribution firm based in Bangalore, India and has over 125 employees and a turnover of over 300 crores. Its primary business is textile trading where it is a leading importer of fabric, imports fabric from reputed mills in China, Europe and South East Asia. It deals with reputed mills from around the world. Its customers are the leading shirting brands in India. It is also the exclusive channel partner for the Italian Mill Monti and the Chinese Mill Luthai in India.

The group is also the leading distributor of Nokia Handsets in Bangalore. The Group has also proven its distribution and retailing capabilities with well-known brands like Nokia, Reebok, Levis, and Peter England. It is among the top three distributors of Nokia handsets in India and is the number one distributor in Karnataka.

Recently the group has forayed into emerging sectors like Angel Funding through Tempus Capital. More recently it has forayed and has launched its own ecommerce website called eFabrics.in. for selling fabric online through www.efabrics.in.

It also runs the Premchand Manaji Trust which conducts charitable activities for Cancer patients, rural development in Kalandri and promoting awareness regarding Jain temples in Pakistan.